What is ChatGPT? How is it useful?

What is chatgpt and how it is work
What is chatGPT and how it useful

It is a chatbot, which involves artificial information (AI) technology, used for text-related conversations. The chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP) for responding to questions or cues. The model is developed by OpenAI, which added a huge dataset consisting of conversational texts for accurately mimicking the way people talk and even write. The unique dialogue format of ChatGPT not only answers questions but also rejects inaccurate requests and admits errors. It involves both reinforcement learning (RL) and supervised learning (SL) techniques of machine learning (ML).

With the utilization of RL, the agent can effectively take decisions by showing optimum behaviour in the given environment. On the other hand, using SL, already labelled datasets are used for instructing datasets to classify data. Each of these approaches in ChatGPT used human instructors for further improvement of its performance. To articulate SL, trainers acted both as the user and the AI assistant, while for RL, the ranking of previous responses was done by the trainers for the creation of reward models. While or after using ChatGPT, users can upvote or even downvote the responses as per their choice. Along with this, users can even leave additional feedback within the text field for the given response from the AI assistant. Through this feature, the model can be further fine-tuned.

With the help of ChatGPT, content creators can be benefitted, by having a quick conversation with the chatbot for gaining relevant content rather than going through hour in finding and drafting them. Hence, it can be considered an ideal tool for writers to easily and quickly get content within seconds. Not only this, but it is also helpful in practicing and polishing language skills as ChatGPT acts as a powerful conversation companion. The model is also beneficial for learning about a particular topic by having a casual conversation with the chatbot. The ability of the chatbot in making natural human conversations can help people to improve and constantly learn through a one-to-one discussion rather than surfing the internet. Other features of ChatGPT include its capability of doing translations. Thus, helping out people to converse and communicate in their own choice of language. There is no limitation to the conversation and people can communicate with the chatbot for an endless amount of time. Hence, this language generation model is not bound to one-off responses as it can adapt and handle lengthy conversations.

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